Uplift Your Hearts - London 2012 (CCL Hearing Wellbeing Copyright 2012)

Body Hearing, Skin Hearing, Crazy?

English: Elgar's statue in the cathedral close...

English: Elgar’s statue in the cathedral close The statue stands on a circular plinth inscribed “This is what I hear all day – the trees are singing my music – or am I singing theirs? (He wrote these words during the period he was composing Gerontius in the late 1890s while staying in a cottage at Storridge near Malvern.) The statue’s sculptor is Jemma Pearson and it was erected in 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

America, I Hear You Singing

America, I Hear You Singing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you have had a great Christmas.  I haven’t talked in a while about kooky things to do with hearing.  This is your lucky day!  Are we more receptive at this time of year?  This is about people who are able to hear through the body and it is not just some people who can do it.  Everyone can.  It’s just we rarely need it.

The skin is the body’s largest organ.  Apart from protection, it is documented in lots of books* that people who are ill can see numbers on the back of skull caps worn by surgeons.  They can also hear what Doctors say in their presence even if they appear to be asleep or unconscious.  So be positive!  Tell them they will be around and what you will be doing this year.  Include them like you always do.

Hearing through the skin is also an explanation for putting on a CD downstairs and then going upstairs to do some chore.  Come on, mothers, we do this a hundred times a day.  Explain to me how I have no idea which track it is on, but I can come downstairs humming it.  On occasion I come down singing it but the teens don’t allow the word ‘singing’.

“Where’s that dog howling?”

“There’s a cat in the dishwasher.”

The dishwasher was open at the time but the relevance escapes this person who was in the school choir for a while.  The fact that everyone had to be in the choir is, of course, entirely irrelevant.

As a relative said, just innocently off the cuff:

“No wonder you can’t pitch your voice.  You can’t hear it.”

Actually, I just can’t sing and may as well admit it.  Being unable to hear myself is probably a blessing in disguise!  Am I going to stop just because you have a pillow over your ears?  No.  Singing is good for you and our Throat Chakras yet that’s another story.

Happy New Year!

And to my mother-in-law, Sheila, wishing you a healthy and happy one as you have asked us to do every year since forever.

Have a great last week of 2012.  I just wanted to say that 🙂  .


Debbie Jeffrey

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