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Can’t Hear? You Are A Leader

Bassenthwaite and Scotland from the top of Dodd

Bassenthwaite and Scotland from the top of Dodd (Photo credit: Ed.ward)


The Citizens Advice Bureau Logo.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




We make our own happiness.  No-one knows how we feel, except other people with a hearing issue – that’s 8 million people in the UK!  You’re bound to meet someone who understands and this works every time:

“Hey, just look at me when you speak.”


“I’ve got hearing-aids like you’ve got glasses.  It means I’ve got most of my hearing.”

Instant explanation works.  Every time you do that you are leading.  If talking is a function of the body then it has to be developed.  You are a leader in the hearing field.  Take it and fly!

We know what it is like.  If you are newly-diagnosed, you don’t know and that’s why we have to talk about it.


Everything that you say about hearing teaches someone else.  It is really about commonsense and good manners with a sprinkling of kindness.  Most people are kind.  If they’re not, they are having a bad day. Every time you are helping that person to communicate and not the other way around.  You’re a leader.   The world of ordinary hearing needs you to communicate.  Does it make us succinct?  Absolutely not 😉  One of the classic ways of diagnosing a hearing issue is that people talk too much … enough said 😉


Strangers with ordinary hearing understand.  They have no concept of you as a person and so they are just reacting to what you say, I suppose and reading body language.  Are you threatening?  As if!  But that depends.  We won’t let anyone take advantage of a hearing, yucky word alert ‘loss’.  I avoid that phrase as I was lucky enough to meet an American from a hearing-aid manufacturer, who has spent 30 years in hearing-aids.  It brings tears to my eyes that anyone should care that much to spend a lifetime making hearing better for people.   He used phrases like ‘hearing-assisted’ with a ‘hearing device’ as hearing-aid is so dull.  We want a great life and hearing is only one way to facilitate it.


A former colleague is 84 and hates old people.  He works three days a week at deafPLUS, a hearing/deaf charity to make life easier.  He’s an unsung hero, one of the millions who helps with hearing and will be furious with me for naming him, but John, John Rendle, you deserve a medal.  He’s also a Hearing Counsellor with Citizens Advice Bureau.  We need his experience, his thoughts and most of all his understanding to pass all that information on.  Actually he won’t see this so just you and I know.


These people are my heroes of 2012.  You have met your own.  Hear their experience, live it for yourself and teach eveyone else.

Let’s make 2013 a great, happy hearing year.


All the best




Debbie Jeffrey


‘Join That Conversation * – you know, the one where you stand on the fringes.  Love life!

PS The Conversation is a blog from the University of Melbourne, Australia, the Internet is great for reading isn’t it?


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