‘Vibrating’ Translates to ‘Leap’

It seemed like a good idea to let the phone wake me up.  Loud ring and vibrate; nothing could go wrong, could it?

When it vibrated, it leapt off a table into that tiny space between bedframe and table, the one you can reach if you lie on the floor and reach for it.  Then it reverberated.  I thought, that sounds loud.  It probably woke everyone up.  Smile sheepishly and apologise but at 3.00 am, is anyone listening?  I was getting up for a teleseminar, but as it happened, I was an hour adrift, so no-one was best pleased.  I couldn’t switch the ring off.  In the end I stuck it under a cushion and switched it off.  Peace.

The SB alarm clock works.  At 110 dB it’s for profoundly deaf people on its maximum setting, but it’s adjustable.   A client recently reported that her dog tried to dig it out.   Hilarious apparently!  She has adjusted it to her hearing level and she’s waking up, relaxed.

If not waking up in time bothers you, try the shaker option.  It’s less prone to jumping off tables!  Tomorrow is a 3.00 am start. I’ll try the SB clock.  Let’s hope everyone else stays asleep this time!


Have a great week

Debbie Jeffrey




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