Bad News – Ironing Good For Tinnitus


“What’s wrong with ironing?”


Student son looks at me blankly.  I can see the thought revolving in his head:


‘What is an iron?  Is it relevant to me?’  Answer: No.  Dismiss mother ramblings.


“It’s good for the ears.”


He is out of the door!


The action of the arm and shoulder moves the muscle or tendon that goes up the neck and behind the ear.  If you reduce rigidity in the ear, you might reduce the ‘echo’ that is tinnitus.  A wild theory, a what if scenario, admittedly.  The bad news is that is good for men as well as women.


Exercising ears is good for us.  If that bone behind the ear gets very hard, the hearingwellbeing theory is that hearing will deteriorate.  It has no basis in scientific fact, but that might be because no-one has posed the question.


To keep bone tissue a bit softer, massage it very softly  in tiny circles or preferably, get someone professionally qualified and gentle to do it for you.  It is bone so it will be hard, but my Aston-Patterning instructor, 5-year degree course on muscles, tendons and skeleton, reckons that a body kept flexible lasts longer and in comfort.  I believe in that. That is him for UK students.  It was founded in the US.


Happy Ear Week!


Debbie Jeffrey


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