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Hearing Is A Function, Happiness Is A Feeling – Where Do They Meet?


French language McDonald's door sign

French language McDonald’s door sign (Photo credit: mechanikat)






Friends are surprised by the idea of speaking another language.  Hearing does not come into it as I forget about it.    At that moment, I am free and the key is to keep that feeling going.


Life throws obstacles at us to keep us interested.    To tweak that slightly, I think it’s the brain at work.  It can only act on what you think about and every time you look at something more than once, it looks for evidence to back up your thoughts.  You become more interested and suddenly you’re acting on it.  When everything seems to be going wrong, the more you think about it the worse it gets.


So tweak it. Something is going to catch your attention.  In my case it was going on a skiing holiday to France.  I got lost, but boarded a bus and could chat in French to the bus driver and half the passengers!  None of them knew the place I was looking for, but there was a Tourist Office near one passenger’s stop and she took me in there.  They were instantly disapproving, but it turned out to be because I was wearing ski boots indoors.  If you’ve ever worn them, you’ll know it’s difficult to forget legs bent forward in a reinforced boot to mid-calf and less a walk than a kicking lollop.  I wondered if I would hear them and they were worried about their floors!  The holiday company was not in the directory and in the end  I  got the bus back to where I started.  The Ski Rep rang back as I was on the way to my first sit-in at the ski hire shop and gave me landmarks for the ten-minute walk.   Problem solved.   Oddly it was harder to follow directions than to speak French.  I had the best holiday ever and I found myself applying for jobs with French.


At any point in my adventure I could have changed my mind and gone off on another path.  It was not the right or wrong way; it was just a path.   When relaxed it was easy to hear  and communicate.  Not fighting the issue was the best chance of finding the way home.


Things happen, accidents or otherwise to break up a life and it is difficult to take the next step.  It may be slower but I am convinced that thinking about happy times, happy people, art, music, places will create happy memories.  You can pull those out any time and think about them: instant happiness creator.


Happy Easter


Debbie Jeffrey


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