This time I’m asking for your hearing advice

Hi, I have that age-old don’t want to bother people feeling. I thought my hearing was down due to stress from moving house. It’s the hearing-aids. I lost one in the move and have been using an old one. Yes, stupid idea and one I tell everyone not to do. Note to self: take own advice.

With hearing-aids i don’t let anything stand in my way. At least this is the attitude and it works most of the time.

On Friday a lady I met, also with a hearing issue, was concerned for me. So I registered with the local Doctor. In fact they just gave me a form which I’ll return on Monday. The appointment is for Tuesday … the day I’m shooting a film. On Monday I may need to be in London in the evening.

Hearing is so fundamental. Should I whip into the local independent Audiologist and risk being ripped off because he/she thinks I know nothing? Or go into the local Audiology Department of the local hospital. I could spend five hours there and get nowhere. Everything I do comes back to the hearing issue. Have you got any ideas about what I can do?



Debbie Jeffrey


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