Want To Wear Hearing-Aids When You Are Sick In Hospital?

Hi Everyone

Short but not sweet –

You cannot wear hearing-aids when you are sick.  However you look at it, they are still lumps of plastic in your ears and therefore do not move in the same way as human flesh.  Any static object in a soft place hurts it after a while.  If other places in the body are hurting, this is the last thing you need!

We need to connect with a hearing loop in the ward.  How do we make the ear do that?  We don’t.  Lateral thinking is needed in the same way that Action on Hearing Loss found a way to wake up people with a hearing issue.  They held a competition.  One of the winners designed a ring that vibrated when the alarm went off.  Ingenious.  It has been put into production.

Someone once told me that a shaker in the bed with her did not wake her although next door could hear it clearly!  Maybe this device would work for her.  Thanks to the old Disability Living Allowance, she now has a hearing dog who will paw at her until she wakes.   As my family say:

“It would need a thermo-nuclear device to wake you up.”

Not where I live now, but that’s another story.

I think that the object starts to fossilise the flesh.  That deteriorates the hearing and you need stronger hearing-aids.  Is anyone listening (irony intended)?



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