Thunder Down Your Hearing-Aids

A clap of thunder is loud to most people with ordinary hearing.   It’s a useful comparison when people think they can be loud and it doesn’t matter, because you can’t hear.  Who knows whether it makes up after an argument or saves a message?  If it works, use it, if it doesn’t, find another way.

I have brand new hearing-aids, which I bought to hear at an event.  More about that in another blog, as buying hearing-aids is a big step for me. 

I couldn’t hear, needed to hear six guys who talk at once, so found a really kind Hearing Aid Audiologist and have been grateful ever since. 

A snag is that  they have had to be increased to maximum, as I have ‘silt in the river’, or earwax domination to the rest of us.  Does it have a deeper role in hearing, or is it just earwax? I have to get on with sorting it out, as I can’t be referred to NHS Audiology in my new place until I have a GP.  The NHS is a system and moves slowly but will there in the end.  So the Nurse informed me.

“You expect too much.”

My partner used to say. 

“Impatient and want things now,”  my mother says.

Both people speak the truth; it’s just hard to hear and consider.  Is there anything about your hearing that people hate?  Better they tell you, right?   

My views on suction of the ears to get rid of earwax are well-known to anyone unfortunate enough to ask.  However, as is usual with fads, it takes a while to disappear.  What’s the alternative?  Good point.  Back to an expert getting rid of it.  Usually it’s the local Nurse who has experience in getting rid of everything.  In Germany, France, Switzerland, i..e, Europe, you see a Consultant.  There is not the case here..


Let’s all talk to hearing professionals about wax?  @First I have to be cheltereed bu bocksk underd=water


Have a great week.







Debboe keffreu



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