Timeout and Misunderstanding

Hello Everyone

My hearing-aids were being reset.  As there is sometig wrong with one, it has been sent away to be fixed.  Aaagh!  I must have looked so panicked, about having no hearing-aids, that she has lent me her demo model and reset both of them.  The reason is that I’m likely to be in a large group tomorrow as it is the London Screenwriters’ Festival from Thursday to Monday.

Out at 6.45 on Tuesday morning shook my system until I realised on the bus that some people do this every day.  Also it wasn’t early enough!  I  I missed the 6.50 am bus due to my body protesting that it was too early to open the eyes.

I shouldn’t complain.  The speaker had just come from Los Angeles, which is 11 hours behind us.  Then he talked for three hours before lunch.  I slipped him a ‘Timeout’ magazine, which is  a list of all events in London.  He left it on the table so at lunch-time I handed it to him.

“But what is it?” he said.

“It’s about what’s on in London.”  I said.

It is likely that most English native speakers would understand that, but he didn’t.  American and English are often at cross purposes.  ‘Timeout’ in the States is something naughty done in an ice hockey   game, but what it is, escapes me.  I wish I had asked what he was thinking, but instead I just repeated myself.  Instead of giving the poor man a better understanding, I was lazy.  Somewhat ashamed of myself now, I can only hope he understands from reading it.  However after an 11-hour flight this might be brief.

Note to self: practise what one preaches.  Say it in a different way.  Although it was not a hearing issue, it was still a communication problem.

In one ear and out the other, Grandma used to say.

Have a great communicating week!


Debbie Jeffrey


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