Does Meditation Help Tinnitus

A man I met, told me that on the point of waking up, he had no tinnitus.  The moment he came fully awake, the tinnitus kicked in.

How do we prolong that moment of no noise

I am learning to meditate.  The basics are quick and easy, yet you can practise for a lifetime.

the first part shows you how to relax the muscles of the face.  You think about each part and consciously think about relaxing it.  Head over to Vishen Lakhiani of   He aims to reach a billion people with his teaching within 10 years and gives a free introduction with guidance on the above.

It does not matter if it takes you a month to relax your head through meditation.  You have the rest of your life.  This is just a moment.

It works for me.  I have found that the tinnitus does not kick in while I am consciously trying to relax.  Is it because my brain is distracted?  Or conversely, is it because concentration has switched from the tinnitus to something else?  Your opinion matters to tinnitus experts. 

If meditation works for you, please tell your Audiologist.  Spread the word.  Reply here.

May you prolong the moment

Debbie Jeffrey



3 thoughts on “Does Meditation Help Tinnitus

  1. There is no doubt meditation, yoga and calming exercises are very helpful for tinnitus and for multiple reasons. First, relaxing the face also relaxes the rest of the body. Stress is a great aggravator or tinnitus and reaching a place of deep relaxation will always help. Second, meditation and yoga create GABA in the brain. GABA is gamma-amino butyric acid and is a calming neurotransmitter in the brain. When we develop tinnitus it is generally because the brain has an excess of the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate. When glutamate predominates, neurons fire excessively and can become chemically depleted and die, leading to many neurological conditions including tinnitus. GABA brings the neurotransmitters back into balance and reduces tinnitus. An article on yoga and tinnitus can be seen in the link below.


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