Getting a Job With Hearing Loss

Hello Everyone

Forget it.  That’s my answer.  There is no way that I can mention my hearing when I apply for a job.  During this recession I have applied for dozens.  The ones where I have tried to get in via a disability quota have received a polite refusal from a higher level.  So the Line Manager has replied.  Companies of any size cannot cope with a hearing loss because their main function is to have their staff communicate with the customer.  It is a fundamental misconception of hearing loss that says everyone who has it must have no hearing.

Hearing aids have solved the hearing issue.  Private ones enable your hearing; such a simple statement yet they really do work.  Conversation is now possible.  I’m in the conversation rather than always being on the back foot and on the fringes of groups.  I would be ready to run if I didn’t understand.  I succumbed to buying hearing-aids and they now provide protection when out.  The National Health Service ones are not far behind thanks to competition between the big hearing-aid companies to be awarded the contract to supply the UK public with hearing-aids.  The way forward for the NHS is to provide smaller moulds.  They will be individual moulds, not generic.  Those ones are for mild hearing loss.

Anyway I still haven’t found a regular-paid job.  I make it to interview stage and then find the sound is bouncing off hard tables, laminate flooring and the walls or the Panel of interviewers is sitting with their backs to a window.  It’s impossible to lipread faces in shadow.  I did ask one guy to close the blinds.  Did that lose me the job?  It’s impossible to say.  Still I have another interview next week.  Wish me luck.

Would you mention your hearing loss at interview?

I really would like to know.

Whenever I ask for feedback they tell me I’m better suited to something else  At the British Heart Foundation I was better suited to their retail arm, i.e., selling than I was to their Assistant Store Manager role.  Giving up on job hunting is not an option; I need to work.

Any input or suggestions you have, would be gratefully received.




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