Hello, anyone home?

Welcome to Hearing Wellbeing where we look at the lighter side of 50 million people saying ‘What? Huh? Excuse Me’.

Have you ever been looking at the sun whilst talking to someone?  They move to block it and suddenly you don’t know what they’re talking about.   It’s because their faces are in shadow and you can’t see what they’re thinking.  Add a hearing issue and it’s a nightmare because you are used to focussing on facial expression and body language to work out what is happening.  It’s usual to panic!

With ordinary hearing you lean forward to hear better.  With a hearing issue, you can lean forward  instinctively or out of politeness yet it’ll make little difference.  Why’s that?  No worries; there are lots of ways to sort it out.  Here’s one.

Make your life easy by having people stand where you can see their faces.  If you can’t make the person move and let’s face it, people don’t like it 😉 here’s an experiment to try.  Move around so that your head is blocking the sun.  Slowly, or they’ll get scared and run away!  See the person frown and concentrate.  They might even lean forward to hear better.  Talk about what you did and see if there’s any reaction.  They might remember where to stand the next time but it’s unlikely.  The important thing is that you know.

Feedback welcome.  Next blog is about sunglasses.

PS. It’s going to take some time to get the appearance of this blog right as it’s the first one. .  We’re blogging anyway.