Tranquillity until you see the maverick HOH duck (copyright to Hearing Wellbeing 2012)


Hearing Wellbeing has evolved over the last five years into ensuring the wellbeing of everyone with a hearing issue and making sure relatives and carers know how to make life easy.  It started life as a mag called Deaf Wellbeing but the profoundly deaf community does not need us.  We are here for everyone with hearing loss (don’t you just hate the word ‘loss’).  We have to use the expression as most people type it into Google but we’re moving on with ‘hearing assistance’ and wearing a hearing device!  Attitude change is another aim.  Putting ourselves on the front foot by looking at ways to give us a great hearing life will impel us forward.

Where we come from, the hard-of-hearing are told to get on with it.

“You’ve got a hearing aid.  Be grateful.”  Nope, fed up with being grateful and we’re giving out information on the sorts of situations we meet and what to do.   Is it serious?  Not often!

Then we had Hard of Hearing Community which lasted 6 months as no-one wanted to join a community or discuss hearing 😦  We’re a bit entrepreneurial as we keep going.   Dad calls it ‘perverse’ 😉 – polite translation.   It is still a bit of a taboo to mention that you have a hearing issue unless you’re 95 and don’t care!

We want to make hearing as usual as wearing glasses.  Who walks around saying they have sight impairment?  Often people look at me like I’ve two heads for mentioning a hearing issue.     Then we moved onto Hearing Market but the website cost a lot and was, er, terrible.   The CMS  looked like it was cobbled together from free programs which stopped working after a while.  You live and learn!  I had to end it because  I couldn’t get something changed.  Then it was going to cost mega-money and the programs started to break down.  I’ve got over it and now have a self-build which is frankly terrible, as me and technology yawn in each other’s company.

Hearing Wellbeing is a blog as we don’t want to mix business with beliefs.  There is always something you can do.  You need never feel or be alone again.  You are not alone.  There are millions feeling the same way.  The obstacles and hurdles happen to us all. We’re going to make it better.   Your hearing is unique.  And so are your ears.   All different shapes and sizes, they hear differently.

Experience in helping people claim welfare entitlements based on hearing impairment means we can reach into the local community yet hearing is also a global issue.  We’re making it easier for everyone to hear better.  Currently we are putting the finishing touches to an e-book on hearing.  The greatest compliment, came from a Social Worker in Hampshire ‘Jane Austen country’ :

“You tell it like it is.”

First we thought hearing was an obstacle, then a hurdle but flattening it in one place is a bit like a grinch.  It pops up somewhere else.  The blog’s aim is to take care of your hearing wellbeing long-term.    We intend to make most searched words: ‘hearing issue’, ‘hearing-assisted’ and ‘hearing’, so much more positive.  Join us, follow as you like.  We’re happy you dropped in.


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    • Hi, sorry to be so long accepting the comment! The spam filter is very keen to block everything.

      The answer to my train of thought is a grasshopper mind. 😉 Everything I do comes back to hearing which is why I’m trying to get the book out fast. Thanks

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