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The Loneliness of Hearing-Aids

English: bulky and hydrophobic anesthetic mole...

English: bulky and hydrophobic anesthetic molecules accumulate inside the neuronal cell membrane causing its distortion and expansion (thickening) due to volume displacement. Membrane thickening reversibly alters function of membrane ion channels thus providing anesthetic effect. Actual chemical structure of the anesthetic agent per se was not important, but its molecular volume plays the major role: the more space within membrane is occupied by anesthetic – the greater is the anesthetic effect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Hello Everyone


“You can hear one-to-one, can’t you? Be grateful.”


I try to be grateful but I cannot join in conversations around me because I have a hearing-loss. Sorry to whine but the so-called inbuilt loop programme doesn’t work properly. It works a bit, like a layer of foundation on the face makes an even layer, but hearing in a group of three women yesterday was useless. It did distract me. I was there for a dental appointment so any distraction is good.


I’m sure she gave me instructions at the end, but I was long past absorbing them. She had asked whether I wanted an anaesthetic before proceeding with a chip on a tooth. What? At the dentist with no painkiller?


“W can see how we go. Tell me if it hurts.”


Of course it hurts, I lift my hand. “Aagh argh …” it’s difficult to enunciate anything when someone’s fingers are in your mouth.


“Are you okay?  Oh the gum is sensitive.” She said and shifted to somewhere a little less painful.


Later I found out that she hadn’t used anaesthetic on the previous visit either. But I thought she was using a new painfree sort of anaesthetic. Is it my brain giving out a natural anaesthetic?


I wonder whether it would work if I told my brain:


“You can hear, of course you can hear. Don’t be silly; you don’t need these aids.”


I tried it, but wildly overslept on the first attempt and was late for the dental appointment. Has anyone else tried this sort of attempt at persuading the brain?


Have a great hearing week








Debbie Jeffrey





If you’re interested, on Ebay

SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised ...

SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised as 34045 (Photo credit: Peter Broster)

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We rarely talk about marketing yet we’re selling a small stock of hearing-assisted items on Ebay.  Our callsign, or name is deafhearingwellbeing.

All products are guaranteed.  Try them out.  You will know within a couple of hours  and definitely within a few days whether or not the equipment suits you.  Try it in all the scenarios you want.  Someone bought a Conversor Pro hearing loop over Christmas and he tried it out with the TV, meetings he attends regularly and even used the microphone attachment to talk comfortably with his wife.   He bought it.  After the guarantee end date, please feel free to come back to us.  Equipment for better hearing has to be right first time, as being hearing-assisted is enough bother.

Some people think ease with hearing equipment is about  age but I used to have a colleague who is 84* and hates old people!  It’s about flexibility of the mind and attitude matters.   Hey, we have plenty of that!

We’ve given advice and information for six years but are struggling with making a living in the niche.  If I can get the dratted ebook out, I will.  Negative feedback stopped us but hey, there are positive people.  A Social Worker in UK National Health Services said

“You tell it like it is.”

It’s the greatest compliment we have ever had.  Thank you, Anna in the West Country and thanks to Hannah as well from Southampton  and all of the Social Workers in Hampshire and Surrey whom we knew during work at deafPLUS.  You’re all heroes.

We’ll keep blogging, mostly because there are so many things happening in deafness and hearing and  we have incurable curiosity.

Best wishes to you for 2013,

Debbie Jeffrey

‘Join That Conversation’

Hearing Wellbeing


I Have Avoided Music

Hi there

I have come back to music as being unable to hear lyrics just became dull.  Then I found out that people with ordinary hearing can’t hear lyrics sometimes either!

Here’s an Irish group, The Indulgers, a sure touch on their instruments and a vocal experience which is so easy and catchy and where can I go and see them?

Sorry, wrong URL or whatever that was!  Lyrics and songs are catchy and original!   – Scroll down.  Happy listening!

and The Indulgers’ site:

Free music to listen to, buy their albums if you can and we might get them to bigger venues. O2 anyone?  I love ‘Promise That It Holds’  .  Global delivery from Amazon.

If you can’t hear them, amplified headphones – Geemarc CLA20 work or a hearing loop.

Have a great week!

Debbie Jeffrey

The Whole Country Is Smiling


The Union Jack with a white border.

The Union Jack with a white border. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Live at The Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin   Ray ...

Live at The Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin Ray Davies (Photo credit: sjrowe53)

Thanks for visiting.  We loved having all the athletes, we loved their delight and we adored the Closing Ceremony last night.  Amazing!  The Union Jack was stunning!  We loved every minute of it for 3 1/2 hours of nonstop fun and laughter and stage-sets with great voices.  Ray Davies.  What a beautiful voice.  Will just go look up his album.  Amplified headphones anyone?  Easy, Geemarc CLA3, Sennheiser S830 and S840 – skull candy or neck-loop.  Great clarity.

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the UK because we lived through every twist of the road with you and wish you well.  Thank you!!!


Lines Everywhere You Look (CCL Hearing Wellbeing Copyright 2012)

50% Hearing But Which Shoes?


This week I heard 50%.  That’s two sides of a line dancing square.  The rest I can get by.  To a line-dancer that is called hacking their speciality to bits and adding steps where they shouldn’t be.  It’s like understanding sentences when you’ve got a hearing issue.  You add words that you think they said.

If I understand 20% I can make up the rest of the instructions.  If I listen to the music, I lose the plot entirely!    I used the Conversor Pro again (hearing loop)

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Crité...

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Critérium du Dauphiné 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and kept it on zoom which cut out quite a lot of background echo.  Also I had recovered from the summer cold and hearing had come back up.

Will hang in there.  Almost ordered a pair of red dancing shoes until I found out they would take six weeks to arrive! Maybe flippers would be slippier although difficult to point.  Any ideas?

Thanks very much to the others in the class who put up with losing bits of their dancing space and coming face to face with me without being cross or losing their own steps.  I’m starting to think that I can’t follow, but there’s no such word as ‘can’t’ the teens remind me with ironic looks.  I’ve been saying it for years.

Have a great dancing week!
Did I mention that we’re cheering every competitor?  The Olympic swimming was fantastic and we had lots of swimmers who made the finals 🙂  And Bradley Wiggins, the unassuming hero of the ‘Tour de France‘ won the Olympic cycling Gold in the time trial as well! Brilliant.


I’m hanging in there.  Line dancing is still terrifying to watch: like a shoal of fish but when you’re in it with the music


How hearing loops can help – (The Washington Post) (posted on an article by The Washington Post)

Hearing Loop Conversor Pro

Conversor Pro Hearing Loop

If you’ve read the article you know it’s about hearing loops.  If you haven’t, please read it even if you don’t live in the States. Hearing loops in buildings seem to be put there by people who ask for them.  You’re best placed to ask. In 2004 the UK Disability Discrimination Act made local Councils put hearing loops in some public buildings, but not in hospital Audiology Departments!  Politicians are not known for asking advice from those who know so they missed the obvious places.  You could think about the best place in your town where a hearing loop should be.  If it suits you, it may suit other people.  Talk about it, start a community initiative.  Who will be grateful?  You and the old who can’t be bothered but want it.  This blog is about getting the best service for hearing everywhere.

1) The idea of having static hearing loops is state of the ark (not a typo).  See the blog about ‘bobbers and swayers’.  Besides a portable hearing loop with extra receivers may be the cheaper option.  In the picture, the receiver is at the top.  The transmitter can be placed either at one end of the room or you can hold it and point it at people.  Have the advantage in a conversation for once.

2) The best position for the wire of a fixed hearing loop is at your ear level when you’re sitting down.  Why do electricians still persist in putting them tidily under carpets?!  Walking on them won’t do them any good either.

Nobody will fix a hearing loop unless you ask.  In 2009 at an Audiology Conference no less, in the UK there was guess what, a cheap wire stuck to the floor with masking tape.  I had brought with me a state of the art hearing loop.  It meant I could sit at the back and hear  every word :faints gracefully:  Take your own  radio hearing loop and be independent of any public building.  This is what to do if you can’t persuade TPTB.   You can use it discreetly with hearing-aids or with headphones for a mild hearing issue.  Radio hearing loops are designed for hearing aid wearers.  You can also use it with headphones.

Putting loops tidily? – you just have to watch the installers 100% of the time!


Can you just switch the hearing loop on?

AFTER Interior Bank Décor | Bank Teller Design...

AFTER Interior Bank Décor | Bank Teller Design | Custom Bank Wall Mural | Venture Bank (Photo credit: I-5 Design & Manufacture)

Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)

It would be very naughty if you were to visit your local bank and tell them you just need the hearing loop switched on.  You know it is not on, when you hear a buzz or nothing at all 😉 .

The usual reaction is they want you to change queues and go to another counter where the loop is positioned (more waiting). It’s like a cushion loop around someone’s chair.   In a local bank this has now been upgraded to a loop that runs around the counter.  Do you want to post the reason hard-of-hearing people ROFL when that happens?

Anyway last week, the teller leapt out of her chair and ran out.  Frowns from other customers.  Just about to join another queue when she reappeared with an old-looking portable radio loop … that was showing a red light.

“Er , it needs charging for about 8 hours.”

She went not just pale, but white.  No worries, really, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  All work stopped.  Two more Customer Service people and three Counter Tellers gathered around the loop, their backs to the customers like pecking pigeons.  When I looked round at the queue, a guy smirked and some were smiling.

“It’s okay, your colleague can just speak up.”

There was a giggle behind me and everyone ROFL.  Customer Services gaped ; this failure to accommodate the customer was not in their game plan.  Had they just had a training day on hearing and felt everything had to be perfect?    Really, it didn’t; we can wait.   Then a Manager appeared and took me away on his white charger …  wishful thinking, but we sat down on a one-to-one and he had a 10-second lesson on charging hearing loops.  Poor guy!  You could do this and banks could help us hear better.

So who helps companies?  You do.  If you don’t want anyone to know it’s you asking and hey, we’ll talk about that, get your Human Resources to call in a D/deaf charity to give the training (they get paid for it).  Spreading the word is a great way to move hearing forward.

  • How hearing loops can help( – If you live in the States and there’s one article you want to read, make it this one.  It backs up Hearing Wellbeing.  Next blog is about the article as the Comments are closed.

Iphone Hearing App. Techies, Geeks And Hearing-Aid Wearers Help Req.

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (Photo credit: reticulating)

Nice shape Dodge Airies in hearing aid beige. ...

Nice shape Dodge Airies in hearing aid beige. Rare to see a K-car in such good shape these days. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know anyone with a hearing issue who has tried the Iphone hearing app? If yes, can they or you hear clearly with it?

How would we find out how the app. works?  I’m wondering if there is some sort of telecoil on a chip?  Is that sci-fi?   We’re looking for a way of making more hard-of-hearing people able to hear on a mobile.  Amplified mobiles have hearing loop program.

Can we talk about making up a spec. for a manufacturer in the hearing market?   My ideas of sound great, look great would make a manufacturer scream in frustration – way too broad a definition.  We need techies and geeks and people with hearing issues thinking and talking to come up specific ways of making us hear better.

We might even be able to persuade them to have (your name/company name/ group name) and their brand name as a version of the phone.  Anything’s possible right?