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SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised ...

SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised as 34045 (Photo credit: Peter Broster)

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We rarely talk about marketing yet we’re selling a small stock of hearing-assisted items on Ebay.  Our callsign, or name is deafhearingwellbeing.

All products are guaranteed.  Try them out.  You will know within a couple of hours  and definitely within a few days whether or not the equipment suits you.  Try it in all the scenarios you want.  Someone bought a Conversor Pro hearing loop over Christmas and he tried it out with the TV, meetings he attends regularly and even used the microphone attachment to talk comfortably with his wife.   He bought it.  After the guarantee end date, please feel free to come back to us.  Equipment for better hearing has to be right first time, as being hearing-assisted is enough bother.

Some people think ease with hearing equipment is about  age but I used to have a colleague who is 84* and hates old people!  It’s about flexibility of the mind and attitude matters.   Hey, we have plenty of that!

We’ve given advice and information for six years but are struggling with making a living in the niche.  If I can get the dratted ebook out, I will.  Negative feedback stopped us but hey, there are positive people.  A Social Worker in UK National Health Services said

“You tell it like it is.”

It’s the greatest compliment we have ever had.  Thank you, Anna in the West Country and thanks to Hannah as well from Southampton  and all of the Social Workers in Hampshire and Surrey whom we knew during work at deafPLUS.  You’re all heroes.

We’ll keep blogging, mostly because there are so many things happening in deafness and hearing and  we have incurable curiosity.

Best wishes to you for 2013,

Debbie Jeffrey

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Yes You Can Hear Great Music – Irish Pogues – Wonderful!

English: Shane McGowan of The Pogues early 199...

English: Shane McGowan of The Pogues early 1990s Womad festival Yokohama, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shared by screenwritinggoldmine.com ‘s newsletter, the lyrics are written.  We can read and hear  them.  Credited to Irish Singer, Shane Macgowan, whose music is a blend of punk rock and traditional Irish music, I loved it.
When you have a hearing issue, you can use Geemarc amplified headphones CLA3. (A small stock is currently on Ebay in the auction under the name ‘deafhearingwellbeing’).  They’ve got soft earpads and I wear them over hearing-aids.  You can have one pad above the microphone; you’ll get instant bone conduction as well!

Or there’s the Geemarc CLA7 mini-hearing loop, also on Ebay if you prefer not to have anything else attached to your head!
Enjoy!  This is the first one:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/27iJsZpQn3A” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Happy listening


Debbie Jeffrey