The funny reason lip-reading sometimes doesn’t work

English: Easter egg at the Palm Sunday fair in...

English: Easter egg at the Palm Sunday fair in the Village Museum, Bucharest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On a light-hearted note, some days you can’t win for a funny reason.  You’re lip-reading your best friend, because that’s what you do and suddenly you lose the conversation entirely.  The word ‘sempre’ gave it away.  She’s Spanish, the other girl in the conversation was Spanish and she had slipped into it when I wasn’t looking.

I grinned, couldn’t help it.  There was no way I could have understood.  Yay!  I almost burst out laughing!

Try this on your nearest and dearest.

“Try saying ‘Easter Egg’ in the mirror. Now just mouth it.  Switch your voice off if you can.  That’s really difficult. ;)”

If someone else can lip-read what you’re saying (without you telling them) I’ll eat my hat.  Better make it a chocolate one.

Happy Easter Sunday.

Debbie Jeffrey

‘Join that chocolate conversation’

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The Problem With Facebook

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Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Français : Logo de Facebook Tiếng Việt: Logo Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Writers can think for days, wrestle with ideas and eventually tell a story.

How long do you think on Facebook?  You see a subject, read it and respond within a minute.

Any writer will tell you that the first ten minutes of writing can be absolute junk and is often trashed.  What if your Facebook comment is in the first ten minutes of decluttering the mind?  What if you are really upset about something else, totally unrelated, like your mother/lover said something hurtful?

I used to write emails to web-developers.  I would get the MD ringing me up asking what they had done to upset me.  On reading the email again the next day, I could see it could be taken harshly.  In the agony of the moment, when your heart is full of some reactive emotion like defence of a friend, or stress over a part of your life where no-one appears to understand,  it all comes out in the moment.    Your usual way of speaking becomes different, usually angry.

It leads to confusion.  For example, I met a very kind man.  He helped with my hearing when he heard me asking someone else if a microphone was switched on.  He did not say anything yet a few minutes later, I could understand everything again.  He never acknowledged that he had adjusted something and it meant that I could not express my gratitude.   It makes me think kindly of him.

If he ever says anything  that I see as mean, it hits me harder because I see him as a kind person. I still react against it but I should not do that.  He may not have meant it like that.  I should be giving.

The instant comment is part of the decluttering.  It is part of what Great-Grandma said:

“think before you speak’

unkindly translated by someone who shall remain nameless:

“engage brain before opening mouth’.

Maybe we should think a little longer before making comment.  The problem with that is that we may never comment.   I definitely don’t want to be scared of making a comment in case someone doesn’t like it.  Maybe someone is always bound to disagree.  I think we should all be allowed to discuss.  I may not agree but I will always think about it.  I can’t say that I will understand your point of view, but I will accept that it is yours and therefore valuable to you.   Giving you value matters.   Being open-minded matters to me.  Does Facebook make you want to share your thoughts or clam up?

Hearing A Glass of Ice

“Would you like a glass of ice with that?”


“ I got you up to ‘a’”

so I learn forward and ask her to repeat.  Nope, no good, nothing at all.  It’s hopeless, she’s getting impatient and I’m conscious of the next customer beside me.  Then a young guy walks behind her, holds up a glass and says:


“Oh, yes, thanks .”

Such a relief.  He realised that I couldn’t understand and used a combination of visual and hearing clues.  More visual than anything else, but I could make a guess at the word ‘ice’ when he was showing me the glass.  Credit where it’s due, that was in Costa Coffee.

If you have ordinary hearing, say the first sentence in the mirror.  Switch off your voice if you can, otherwise it’s cheating!  Tell me if you can lip-read it without exaggerating your normal speaking.   Tell me if you can understand any of it.  There’s a reason for asking that I shall forget if you don’t reply 😉

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Thanking Facebook

Hearing Loop Conversor Pro

Conversor Pro Hearing Loop

‘Captcha’ is every webdeveloper’s nightmare, I’m reliably informed 😉

So thanks to Facebook for inventing the audio ‘captcha‘.  Trying to get into Facebook made frustrated tears well up, but we all have our frustrations, right?

So thanks to Faceboook for highlighting a huge, global problem: the waves of background noise that wash over all of us daily.

The  hearing-assisted can sort it.  What about the poor old ordinary hearing people?

Telephone manufacturers are running for cover.

“There’s a microphone right next to your mouth.” the sales guy said.

Only if your phone is long and fits the gap between your ear and your mouth!  It should.  That’s one way to stop people shouting into their mobiles.  It could also look extremely cool if you don’t mind wearing plastic on your face half the day.  Oops, sounds a bit like wearing a hearing-aid.

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No More Signing Back Into Facebook

An example of an unreadable captcha. Created u...

An example of an unreadable captcha. Created using free captcha generation software. Polski: Przykład nieczytelnego CAPTCHA, stworzonego za pomocą darmowego programu . Category:Captcha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forget about signing back into Facebook.

Having problems with working out the new ‘captcha‘ box?  Try the audio … or not.

The audio solution for the ‘captcha’ box picks up the biggest problem of 21st century communication: we cannot hear in background noise!

What a joke.  I couldn’t hear it,  blah blah enough to hear in the background noise.  Women cry, men kick things.  Someone else had to do it.  Try it, tell us if you managed to do it with a hearing issue.

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Do you come across as unfocused?

Do you come across as a daydreamer?

It’s not daydreaming, it’s thinking and sometimes it’s about not hearing.

In our own world, thinking about something and we look up into a face puce with anger.  Well, it must be frustrating talking to yourself when that you didn’t mean to do it.

If you want our attention, wave lightly with the fingers, not the royal wave and definitely not the Mexican wave.  That  will make us laugh.

As a hearing tip, it doesn’t seem to go down very well if you ask the puce-faced person to repeat. 😉

Official: Teenage Birds Can’t Hear Their Parents

In cities teenage birds can’t make themselves heard over the din.  So they’re giving up and not doing so well.

In the countryside, every bird can hear its parent so it gets fed.

The guy has changed the pitch of his mating call to get above the din.  The problem is to a female, it’s like nails down a blackboard.  He who does that, does not get anywhere.

You see the correlations with humans.  It is not a leap, it’s a foregone conclusion that if we continue to babble down mobiles in the street, we will suffer the consequences.

They are:

  • Mobile rage at yourself involves having a paddy in public (generally reserved for the ‘terrible two’s’)
  • Mobile rage at other people, fuelled by frustration into a fight.  It is worth noting that wars and diseases start with severe frustration.
  • The stirring of anger in public becomes collective.

What can we do?

Easy, lots of things, in the new book, in the next post.

Source: Sunday Times