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SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised ...

SR West Country No 34027 Taw Valley disguised as 34045 (Photo credit: Peter Broster)

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK

Fishing boats at Lyme Regis, West Country, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We rarely talk about marketing yet we’re selling a small stock of hearing-assisted items on Ebay.  Our callsign, or name is deafhearingwellbeing.

All products are guaranteed.  Try them out.  You will know within a couple of hours  and definitely within a few days whether or not the equipment suits you.  Try it in all the scenarios you want.  Someone bought a Conversor Pro hearing loop over Christmas and he tried it out with the TV, meetings he attends regularly and even used the microphone attachment to talk comfortably with his wife.   He bought it.  After the guarantee end date, please feel free to come back to us.  Equipment for better hearing has to be right first time, as being hearing-assisted is enough bother.

Some people think ease with hearing equipment is about  age but I used to have a colleague who is 84* and hates old people!  It’s about flexibility of the mind and attitude matters.   Hey, we have plenty of that!

We’ve given advice and information for six years but are struggling with making a living in the niche.  If I can get the dratted ebook out, I will.  Negative feedback stopped us but hey, there are positive people.  A Social Worker in UK National Health Services said

“You tell it like it is.”

It’s the greatest compliment we have ever had.  Thank you, Anna in the West Country and thanks to Hannah as well from Southampton  and all of the Social Workers in Hampshire and Surrey whom we knew during work at deafPLUS.  You’re all heroes.

We’ll keep blogging, mostly because there are so many things happening in deafness and hearing and  we have incurable curiosity.

Best wishes to you for 2013,

Debbie Jeffrey

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50% Hearing But Which Shoes?


This week I heard 50%.  That’s two sides of a line dancing square.  The rest I can get by.  To a line-dancer that is called hacking their speciality to bits and adding steps where they shouldn’t be.  It’s like understanding sentences when you’ve got a hearing issue.  You add words that you think they said.

If I understand 20% I can make up the rest of the instructions.  If I listen to the music, I lose the plot entirely!    I used the Conversor Pro again (hearing loop)

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Crité...

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Critérium du Dauphiné 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and kept it on zoom which cut out quite a lot of background echo.  Also I had recovered from the summer cold and hearing had come back up.

Will hang in there.  Almost ordered a pair of red dancing shoes until I found out they would take six weeks to arrive! Maybe flippers would be slippier although difficult to point.  Any ideas?

Thanks very much to the others in the class who put up with losing bits of their dancing space and coming face to face with me without being cross or losing their own steps.  I’m starting to think that I can’t follow, but there’s no such word as ‘can’t’ the teens remind me with ironic looks.  I’ve been saying it for years.

Have a great dancing week!
Did I mention that we’re cheering every competitor?  The Olympic swimming was fantastic and we had lots of swimmers who made the finals 🙂  And Bradley Wiggins, the unassuming hero of the ‘Tour de France‘ won the Olympic cycling Gold in the time trial as well! Brilliant.


I’m hanging in there.  Line dancing is still terrifying to watch: like a shoal of fish but when you’re in it with the music

Calling Amazon, Software Geek Thinkers And TxCowboyDancer

Amazon, when you buy an e-books, there is a facility to look inside and see a sample before buying.  No-one can steal that because you have a way of protecting authors’ content.

Now I would like you to do the same for video, particularly instructional videos.  It is inspired by a line-dancing class and the teacher’s curious reluctance to make videos to help me practise.  It turns out that every time her fellow instructors post new dance videos on their websites, the content is taken and used as a demo video on YouTube.    I love YouTube, a great idea and offers visual information as well as reading it. However  we need to pay for created content as that will encourage the creators to work a constantly improving standard.

It is an addition to movies.  Talking feet help us dance.  Dancing makes us happy.

Texas Cowboy replied to this blog last week, so this is a public call to him to make videos of basic steps for beginners and work with his dance contacts and with Amazon, or whichever company will help, to implement it.  Did I say he was 7 times UDWC Dance Country Champion and this is in the home of line-dancing!

No-one likes continuing with something they cannot do.  It is a bit harder for me to learn as the instructions were gibberish until this third week when I took a hearing loop.  It is another reason,people like to download videos privately and practise when they like.  Then I can go to a class and can build on the steps I was practising.  Otherwise, I am just going to give up.  It is really sad but with a hearing issue, I am always a step behind.  Anything I can do to level the playing field, I will.  It This plea is for people with ordinary hearing as well.  My neighbour is about to give up and she has ordinary hearing.  It is only our third week!

Find TxCowboy in one of his articles below.  Fab  web site.

Would you like to have this?  My teacher has perfect steps.  We are going to film her classes by using skills from other people in the community.  Someone in her class took a video of her feet so that he could practise later.  That really is stealing in my view.  Small businesses need help and one income stream could be videos.  We just need all the players, including the sellers like Amazon to get involved.

Do you want to be able to practise before your next line-dancing class?  And to Amazon, please think about it.

Do hearing-aids / hearing devices wear you out?

“I don’t want to wear them at 29 in case they give me too much help.  My existing hearing won’t try any more and I’ll go deaf.”

That stumped me for a while because I could see where she was coming from.  Do hearing aids wear you out?

I believe it is the opposite.  Constantly wrinkling your forehead in concentration will give you wrinkles.  Trying to read people’s lip patterns screws up your face.    You lean forward to hear and your whole body tenses up thinking that if you keep completely still, you will hear better.  It’s a survival response we don’t use much any more.  The best position for hearing is relaxed!  Chill!

Putting on a hearing-aid for the first time is a lightbulb moment.  Your shoulders drop from their hunched position or creak down slowly if you’ve been there a while.  Your whole head relaxes from its constant squint.  You might feel your jaw relax with your head.   Headaches that were checked and are not a sight or teeth issue will diminish as you learn the relaxed position.  You can look around safely instead of focussing on what is in front.

Accessing equipment like a hearing-loop to raise your hearing further also relaxes you.  Earphones – we have issues with sticking a generic disc in your ear but recognize that nothing else is on the market.  Use a loop ithe hearing devices or earphones.  Headphones are less socially acceptable, maybe because you can see that the person is in another world and won’t hear you.

Some of it is relief that you can hear your music again.*  Relief is an instant relaxer.  Give yourself a break!  Get help from the state or an independent Audiologist.  If you wait until you fossilise, you’ll be stuck in your rut of silence.  You will have been in a peaceful world for years and when a cacophony slams into you, there will be an explosion of outrage from you that no-one else will understand .  They are relieved that you can hear.  What are you complaining about?  It’s about subtlety and hearing-aids are not known for it, at least not yet.

“Who is suddenly shouting? ”

If think you’re old and being shouted at, you are and you won’t want to be bothered with a fiddly hearing device.

“Wait, I can hear a  song thrush.”

Do you know what you’re missing?!

Give yourself a break, get equipment, or get a hearing device.  Make a start.

If you still doubt that hearing devices make you younger, wrinkle and stress-free,  start with an amplified phone or mobile.  If you’re ready to have a great hearing life, get a hearing aid / hearing device or a great one we came across recently, the elitist ‘personal communication assistant’ !

* Next – Quality of hearing-aids