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New hearing-aids

Hi Everyone


I’ve got new hearing-aids from Siemens. I bought them during a turbulent period when I was going to shoot a short film. With three guys. They would all talk at once, wouldn’t they?


My head would spin. I had determined to buy new hearing-aids. They were on an emergency setting as I had silt in the river, also known as earwax. Charmed.


“Hello, can I look in your ears?”


This would normally be an invitation to scarper, but the chances are that he or she is a Hearing-Aid Audiologist. I have the lady version, who speaks my language, I hope.


Ten days later my ears were wax-free, if that is the term.  Now we could see what they were really like.


These hearing-aids have receptors in the tips. They aren’t the plastic half-open moulds that I had two years ago and they aren’t the ‘tulip’ tips that I’ve had until now. With the latter, I couldn’t hear because every time my head moved, they stopped working. I’m having the same problem with these. I shall have to find some people to talk to, so that I can test it properly.


This is what I want from a hearing-aid:


• I want them to automatically re-adjust to people speaking loudly or softly.


• I also need a dampener on them, to alleviate loud noises.


• I don’t want to hear the conversation of the people behind me. Just sounds will be enough to warn me of a lorry etc.


I want a conversation in a group.  I’ve just heard of Book Club locally.


Can you think of anything else?


Have a great  hearing week




Debbie Jeffrey


‘Join That Conversation’ – the one you’ve been on the fringes for a while.  This blog is meant to give you confidence to plunge in!  What can go wrong?!  Tell us, we’ll sort them out.









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Hearing – Some People Are Just Plain Grateful


A guy rang last week, desperate to try out a Listener before he bought it.  Yes, we understand that totally.  Can you try one out from one of the bigger hearing-aid companies.  Not a chance.

The demo model was the last one.  It went out to him andthree days later we received a call from the same guy.  he had taken it toa meeting where normally he heard nothing.  He could hear what they were sayin at the other end of the room.  He was telling the people sitting around him!

He even used it to talk to his wife. – Actually, guys, that is your first priority because partners / spouses /brothers and sisters  suffer.  The Listner was a Conversor Pro and the guy insisted on keeping and buying the demo. model.  He and I were both happy with the price and he is one happy man.

I’m just relating this story so you can see how easy it is to make your life better.  The other reason is that men don’t ask questions.  Isn’t that frustrating?  How do you ever get answers to anything?


Have a great week.

Debbie Jeffrey


Hearing And Listening Are Opposing Forces!

Allegory of Hearing

Allegory of Hearing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Just listen!”  she said.  At the guilty face in front of her, the penny or other shoe drops.

“You never listen, do you?”

A rueful shake of the head.

“There is a reason.”

Say that to a guy and he goes ballistic.  To a woman and she stares at you in amazement then demands an explanation.

Simple really.  If I can talk and talk and talk, there is no chance you will be able to ask a question.  Not going to hear the question.  At least there is a 50:50 chance of not hearing it.  To lower the odds, people with a hearing issue learn to talk a lot.  Sound familiar?

It also happens when you’re interviewing,  I’ve been caught out a couple of times by people saying ‘yes’ to questions.  It is only when you rephrase the question and it doesn’t allow the  ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer  that you realise:

a)       They have not heard you;

b)      You have to figure out how much they have heard, if anything(!);

c)       You have to revise your questions so it doesn’t happen again.

We’re past masters at it as we’ve been doing it for years.

If you disagree,  people want to know why.  If you agree, they’re happy.   If you agree but do nothing and they find out,  they will explode!  We have a badge on Hearing Market, an old commerce site, that reads  ‘If I agree, I haven’t heard you.’  If you want one, email us your snail mail!  And that’s a global offer for a global issue J