The Loneliness of Tinnitus

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We believe you if your nearest and dearest do not.  Tinnitus is individual to everyone.  It can be shrill or monotone, a noise or humming.  People suffer it in different parts of the  head.

I wonder, purely unscientifically, if it has anything to do with lack of water.  Also lack of sleep stresses us and that can lead to an upsurge in our tinnitus.  I can’t hear it today, but I’ve been making myself drink lots of water.  The reason?  I have a deadline for a writer’s contest.  Not that I have any chance of being good enough; I’m just having a go anyway.  But if I’m stressed the tinnitus does its best to interfere.  I’m literally drowning it out!

What do you do to minimise your tinnitus?

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Tinnitus Goes For A Walk

English: Sign for the West Somerset Coast Path...

English: Sign for the West Somerset Coast Path walk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bog somewhere on the 'coast to coast walk' (in...

Bog somewhere on the ‘coast to coast walk’ (in the UK). I am not sure where it was exactly. Taken with a Kronica camera on film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tinnitus can be triggered by stress, so we took our own advice and went for a walk.

The sun was out, (the UK is having its summer now) and the birds were singing.  It was a glorious day.  The shoulders relaxed, the feet kept walking and strolling in this way lets your brain relax.  All it has to do is to look around and communicate with the feet.   We could go too far with this analogy.  I wonder how many mobile phone texters dent lampposts.

As for potholes…  we’re lucky.  Every safety barrier you can think of is installed and we only realise when we go abroad.  Twenty years ago we discovered  another country had the highest rate of one-legged men in Europe. There were no streetlights and potholes occurring together.   When they joined the EC, they built new roads with light.  I wonder whether their Audiologists notice an increase in tinnitus.  Their healthcare system was brilliant for everyone.

If focussing on something else works for you. please comment so that everyone else can benefit from your experience.  It matters.  Everything you do, matters.  Everything you do for someone else matters to them.

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Debbie Jeffrey

Hearing Wellbeing

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Balloon Tower Farnborough, Hampshire UK (Copyright to Hearing Wellbei ng 2012)

Tinnitus – Central Hearing Oops Heating Systems


My grandparents have had oil central heating for forty years.  The boiler still works the same as it always has, according to Granddad.  Grandma insists she can hear it rumble at night, even though she is not wearing her hearing-aids.  That is interesting in itself as Granddad has worked out that the system does rumble at a certain time in the morning.  it always wakes her up.

On the other hand, Granddad reckons the rumble calms his tinnitus.  Instant marital discord!

Grandma goes downstairs to switch it off and Granddad, he switches it back on!  The only thing that I can suggest is Charley the Sleeptime Bear from Sound Oasis in the US.  It is made for getting babies to sleep yet works brilliantly for tinnitus.  We renamed him Tinnitus Ted but Granddad is still refusing.  The purple lavender beeping machine has also been refused.  Any suggestions?  All gratefully received!

Heartfelt thanks


Debbie Jeffrey

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Bad News – Ironing Good For Tinnitus


“What’s wrong with ironing?”


Student son looks at me blankly.  I can see the thought revolving in his head:


‘What is an iron?  Is it relevant to me?’  Answer: No.  Dismiss mother ramblings.


“It’s good for the ears.”


He is out of the door!


The action of the arm and shoulder moves the muscle or tendon that goes up the neck and behind the ear.  If you reduce rigidity in the ear, you might reduce the ‘echo’ that is tinnitus.  A wild theory, a what if scenario, admittedly.  The bad news is that is good for men as well as women.


Exercising ears is good for us.  If that bone behind the ear gets very hard, the hearingwellbeing theory is that hearing will deteriorate.  It has no basis in scientific fact, but that might be because no-one has posed the question.


To keep bone tissue a bit softer, massage it very softly  in tiny circles or preferably, get someone professionally qualified and gentle to do it for you.  It is bone so it will be hard, but my Aston-Patterning instructor, 5-year degree course on muscles, tendons and skeleton, reckons that a body kept flexible lasts longer and in comfort.  I believe in that. That is him for UK students.  It was founded in the US.


Happy Ear Week!


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Squealing Tinnitus Or A Cold In The Head

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One of the main causes of tinnitus is issues with your sinuses.  Having a cold or flu can trigger it.  That’s because you have a runny noise and sort it with a tissue.  The harder you blow, the more likely you are to damage your ears.  Weird huh?  Unfortunately doing it can trigger tinnitus .  So keep it gentle.

Hearing squeaks when you have a cold.  Whatever it is you were just doing that might have caused that squeak, can you stop doing it?  Crazy I know but it’s just this screwball theory.  If it’s not that you’ll soon know as your house will be full of screwball people wanting to try it out.  This tinnitus is even less fun than the droning of the airconditioning constantly in your ears.

Lots of sleep and lots of water works for us.  Happy New Year!

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Debbie Jeffrey


Tinnitus – Anything That Dehydrates

Deep Eddy Pool located at 30.2765° -97.7732°,A...

Deep Eddy Pool located at 30.2765° -97.7732°,Austin, Texas, United States. The structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



DSC_4296 (Photo credit: Jeffrey Hsi)


Olympic Swimming Pool Fast Lane Category:Outdo...

Olympic Swimming Pool Fast Lane Category:Outdoor_swimming_pools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi there


My theory may be shatterbrained but every time I feel thirsty, the tinnitus drone feels louder.


After a swimming session, I don’t hear it ;   Alright, I admit that may be more to do with exercise than water intake.


Someone told me her mother swore by weighing herself before going into a swimming pool as waterlogging of the body would mean she would weigh more later!Drinking water works to send away tinnitus.  Don’t wait for it happen.  the brain will say:


‘You’re waiting for what?!’


‘Oh, that noise.  Okay I can make that noise.’  And the tinnitus will start up again.


Is this crazy?  Possibly.  You have always to remember that people have been thought crazy throughout history.  What happened to the guy who said:


“The world is round.”


“Yeah, right and Orion’s Star Belt signifies the end of the universe.”


Follow alcohol with water at Christmas and banish the tinnitus.


Happy countdown.


Debbie Jeffrey


Book Launch shortly when we can unpeel Editor’s fingers from book.





Can you see the birdie? Let it merge with the background like your tinnitus.

Tinnitus Indie / Movie Distraction

Find the Indie (independent) books and film markets.  There are great films being made that need your vote, your one-liner that you liked the acting or the writing because …  An example is ‘ Betsy And Leonard’    . It’s just a comment but it helps them for the next book they write or film they make.  Your opinion counts.  They write from the soul and share it with you.

When you focus on something else, the tinnitus can reduce.  If I think about it, maybe I can hear sounds or maybe it’s the fan.  The moment I’m absorbed, I forget about it.

When reminded that he has tinnitus, my Dad said:

“Oh, I’d forgotten about that. “

I felt dreadful and have never mentioned it since.  Same mild tinnitus issue.  People react in different ways.  What works for you?

Jumbled sound or something specific CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012

Why Wait For Tinnitus Week?

It feels like there’s a week of awareness for every cause and while they help, why wait?

I think we’ve got to be proactive with tinnitus.  If you can hear music from someone else’s headphones,  it hugely increases their risk of triggering tinnitus.  One theory is that the brain senses incoming noise and reacts by producing a similar sound of its own.  Suddenly you have noises in your head.  Worse, they don’t switch off when you want.

A great place to practise telling people is on a train or bus.  Stick a piece of paper to the back of your book, laptop or write it on your newspaper and go back to reading.    They will see it as you are holding it at their eye level.  They may look it up.  That is all you want.  It doesn’t have to be a permanent sticker.  If you did it on one journey, you might save someone from tinnitus.  Of course if they ask you about your sticker, you can tell them what it’s like to have it.

Telling people that they might get hearing loss in twenty years after listening to loud music doesn’t work.  Getting tinnitus can be instant.  Save someone today!

Is tinnitus just too much detail? CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012

Talk Tinnitus

flu fighter bath oils

flu fighter bath oils (Photo credit: winged photography)


Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment (Photo credit: gurucrusher)


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Sinus issues create the unpleasant sounds of tinnitus.  they range from a squeal to an orchestra and they play in your ears incessantly.  No wonder Doctor often think there is a mental health issue when it is just the constant noise wearing you down.  Depression is often the result and that is why you would see a Psychiatrist rather than any sounds making you crazy.  It often helps to explain to a complete stranger and you will add to their knowledge of tinnitus.


If the squealing is intermittent, it could be that you have it with a head cold.  Equipment to relax you includes electronic boxes, sometimes with scent to alert as many of your senses as possible.  That way, when you hear the calming sounds and smell a scent , say lavender, you will relax.   Lavender has antiseptic properties.  Karvol is a brand of eucalyptus oil that can be used overnight.  A few drops on a tissue, hung above your head or on the bedside table should help make you breathe more easily.  Other family members may complain vociferously so use it sparingly.  Your Doctor should always be consulted on sinuses.  This advice is for adults.  All children should see a Doctor as ear problems can be very painful.


Sinus noises include:








Keep tinnitus at bay with lots of sleep and by drinking lots of water.  If you can’t get to sleep, there are lots of remedies, starting with the equipment above.  Find the sound that most closely matches your tinnitus.


Until next week and more tips


If anyone dismisses your tinnitus, ask for a referral elsewhere.  It becomes more unlikely but if your Doctor doesn’t know, tell him!  It will help the next person.





Nessie at Weymouth ?

The root cause of my tinnitus....

The root cause of my tinnitus…. (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)


Hi there

As some sorts of tinnitus have a psychological root, it’s very easy for me anyway to think about how loud the tinnitus is and then, unsurprising it sounds louder.  it’s all suggestion and if it were measured, the changes should not be enormous.


Some people, who can sleep on a washing line, can drop into sleep very quickly.  Is it easier if you have a hearing issue as well?  It really depends on your stress levels.


If you can keep your happ-o-meter buzzing with fun things that you like to do, then you could significantly drop the stress level.  The same goes for exercise.  I think it regulates mood.  Hard work does not; it can exhaust you and make the tinnitus louder.


Sleep next to electronics like charging mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players etc., can keep the brain in a state of constant recharging instead of relaxing.

There are relaxers, musical instruments, relaxers that emulate air-conditioning, squealing etc.  Also there are natural treatments.