Squealing Tinnitus Or A Cold In The Head

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One of the main causes of tinnitus is issues with your sinuses.  Having a cold or flu can trigger it.  That’s because you have a runny noise and sort it with a tissue.  The harder you blow, the more likely you are to damage your ears.  Weird huh?  Unfortunately doing it can trigger tinnitus .  So keep it gentle.

Hearing squeaks when you have a cold.  Whatever it is you were just doing that might have caused that squeak, can you stop doing it?  Crazy I know but it’s just this screwball theory.  If it’s not that you’ll soon know as your house will be full of screwball people wanting to try it out.  This tinnitus is even less fun than the droning of the airconditioning constantly in your ears.

Lots of sleep and lots of water works for us.  Happy New Year!

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Hearing – Some People Are Just Plain Grateful


A guy rang last week, desperate to try out a Listener before he bought it.  Yes, we understand that totally.  Can you try one out from one of the bigger hearing-aid companies.  Not a chance.

The demo model was the last one.  It went out to him andthree days later we received a call from the same guy.  he had taken it toa meeting where normally he heard nothing.  He could hear what they were sayin at the other end of the room.  He was telling the people sitting around him!

He even used it to talk to his wife. – Actually, guys, that is your first priority because partners / spouses /brothers and sisters  suffer.  The Listner was a Conversor Pro and the guy insisted on keeping and buying the demo. model.  He and I were both happy with the price and he is one happy man.

I’m just relating this story so you can see how easy it is to make your life better.  The other reason is that men don’t ask questions.  Isn’t that frustrating?  How do you ever get answers to anything?


Have a great week.

Debbie Jeffrey



Tinnitus – Anything That Dehydrates

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Deep Eddy Pool located at 30.2765° -97.7732°,Austin, Texas, United States. The structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Hi there


My theory may be shatterbrained but every time I feel thirsty, the tinnitus drone feels louder.


After a swimming session, I don’t hear it ;   Alright, I admit that may be more to do with exercise than water intake.


Someone told me her mother swore by weighing herself before going into a swimming pool as waterlogging of the body would mean she would weigh more later!Drinking water works to send away tinnitus.  Don’t wait for it happen.  the brain will say:


‘You’re waiting for what?!’


‘Oh, that noise.  Okay I can make that noise.’  And the tinnitus will start up again.


Is this crazy?  Possibly.  You have always to remember that people have been thought crazy throughout history.  What happened to the guy who said:


“The world is round.”


“Yeah, right and Orion’s Star Belt signifies the end of the universe.”


Follow alcohol with water at Christmas and banish the tinnitus.


Happy countdown.


Debbie Jeffrey




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Can you see the birdie? Let it merge with the background like your tinnitus.

Tinnitus Indie / Movie Distraction

Find the Indie (independent) books and film markets.  There are great films being made that need your vote, your one-liner that you liked the acting or the writing because …  An example is ‘ Betsy And Leonard’   www.facebook.com/pages/Betsy-Leonard/168348073217371    . It’s just a comment but it helps them for the next book they write or film they make.  Your opinion counts.  They write from the soul and share it with you.

When you focus on something else, the tinnitus can reduce.  If I think about it, maybe I can hear sounds or maybe it’s the fan.  The moment I’m absorbed, I forget about it.

When reminded that he has tinnitus, my Dad said:

“Oh, I’d forgotten about that. “

I felt dreadful and have never mentioned it since.  Same mild tinnitus issue.  People react in different ways.  What works for you?


Hearing Can Have A Happy Thanksgiving

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for ...

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here’s a quick list of how to help yourself enjoy the festivities.  You’ll be under pressure with presents and festivities and meals.

1.  None of us are perfect.  If you’ve forgotten something, it doesn’t matter.  Families dine off what happened Thanksgiving ten years ago in my friend’s house when her husband insisted on doing something and then forgot.  They all sat down and fell about laughing.  She said it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

2. Sit against a wall.  It absorbs the background noise that you don’t want.

3. Tablecloths absorb noise from knives and forks.   If don’t want that, table runners help and anything soft will absorb the clatter.

4.  Do you have a listener for TV?  Take an extension plug with you if you’re going out.  TV’s have 2/3 sockets for other things like DVD, CD etc.  Take your own so that everyone else can relax.  It makes you an easy guest to be invited back!

5.Yesterday someone introduced me as ‘deaf’.  I hit the roof, non-verbally.  Okay, so I glared at him as he’s my Aston-Patterning instructor and knows it’s a hearing issue.  Okay, so sometimes I do my own thing when I’m not paying attention but he knows me.  Those who don’t, will look at me in amazement when I do look up but he’s quick to say that everyone moves differently.  Then we all grin.  Other people’s perception is a reason for that e- book coming out shortly.  The rest of the world doesn’t understand hearing so he was using a word other people relate to.   It’s up to us to tellt hem like it is.  It’s like wearing glasses.  Do tehy walk around saying they’re sight-impaired or blind?  Neither, it’s accepted and festivities are a time when you can gently explain.

6.  Likewise if you’re family, friends or partner of someone with a hearing device, look at them when you speak.   Don’t talk with your back to them and if you’re in another room and want a response, get over it.  You are talking to yourself!

7.  Lights – it’s not the Blair Witch Project.   We need to see you but it doesn’t have to be bright.

8.  People who sit against a window will have their faces in shadow.   It’s hard to lip-read but with anyone you know well, you’ll be fine.  You’re attuned to their voice and the way they talk.  If you need them to slow down, tell them. They’ll be so pleased that you wan to listen to what they have to say.

9.  Follow the example of small children.  They know exactly how to communicate.

10. Most of all, have fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Debbie Jeffrey

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Talk Tinnitus

flu fighter bath oils

flu fighter bath oils (Photo credit: winged photography)


Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment (Photo credit: gurucrusher)


Hi there


Sinus issues create the unpleasant sounds of tinnitus.  they range from a squeal to an orchestra and they play in your ears incessantly.  No wonder Doctor often think there is a mental health issue when it is just the constant noise wearing you down.  Depression is often the result and that is why you would see a Psychiatrist rather than any sounds making you crazy.  It often helps to explain to a complete stranger and you will add to their knowledge of tinnitus.


If the squealing is intermittent, it could be that you have it with a head cold.  Equipment to relax you includes electronic boxes, sometimes with scent to alert as many of your senses as possible.  That way, when you hear the calming sounds and smell a scent , say lavender, you will relax.   Lavender has antiseptic properties.  Karvol is a brand of eucalyptus oil that can be used overnight.  A few drops on a tissue, hung above your head or on the bedside table should help make you breathe more easily.  Other family members may complain vociferously so use it sparingly.  Your Doctor should always be consulted on sinuses.  This advice is for adults.  All children should see a Doctor as ear problems can be very painful.


Sinus noises include:








Keep tinnitus at bay with lots of sleep and by drinking lots of water.  If you can’t get to sleep, there are lots of remedies, starting with the equipment above.  Find the sound that most closely matches your tinnitus.


Until next week and more tips


If anyone dismisses your tinnitus, ask for a referral elsewhere.  It becomes more unlikely but if your Doctor doesn’t know, tell him!  It will help the next person.





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Tinnitus – My Friend Thinks She Has A Hearing Loss



I saw a friend who has been given a hearing-aid to help her figure out what people are saying.


The trouble is that her tinnitus is loud.  For the unitiated, think of a loud noise that is always present.  When you talk to someone, you are hearing above it.


A Hearing-aid Audiologist told me that the way people talk about tinnitus matters.  If you have trouble understanding beginning, end or middle of words, you will think you have a hearing loss.  But it’s not; it’s the tinnitus interfering with your natural ability to hear.


Her solution is wrong.  She should have been given tinnitus hearing-aids.  Bear with me; they’re not the same.  They emit a noise which is the same as your tinnitus and at the same level.  Obviously you are the only one who knows what you hear so you have to be instrumental in helping to identify it.


The tinnitus hearing-aids are set at the current volume of your tinnitus.  Over three to six months they are gradually turned down.  The idea is that the brain becomes accustomed to hearing at a lower volume and will readjust itself.  Eventually the tinnitus will disappear.  Throughout the process, you will have the hearing you’ve always had and if it goes, you will find that you don’t have a hearing loss at all. This is for tinnitus with a sound-related cause.
The concept is new, that is 2 years old here in the UK.


I’ve suggested my friend go back to the hospital and take her husband.  He’s had hearing issues for 20 years and is


The root cause of my tinnitus....

The root cause of my tinnitus…. (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)


another reason why she thought she had hearing loss.


Either the concept hasn’t reached UK Audiologists or more likely they are evaluating the idea.  Any Audiologists out there with a point of view?  I’m convinced that the more we talk about tinnitus, the more we learn.  Actually, that’s true of life.  Comments welcome.



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Waking up with tinnitus



Waking-dream1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi everyone

Someone told me once that on the cusp of waking up, as his eyes open to the new day, he is in blissful silence.  It lasts a few seconds before the pounding pulverises him.  His tinnitus is constant and can stop him going to sleep.


What is that slight pause between sleep and being fully awake?  Can we exploit it to rid everyone of tinnitus?  How do we do it?


Your opinion appreciated and remember if you have it or you work in the field, you are an expert.  Who cares how crazy the theory is?  We don’t.  Please tell us and let’s get rid of it.

See the study in Auckland below.  At last the idea of retraining your brain is getting into the public consciousness.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s just about doing something different to distract yourself and maybe keep doing it.  The tinnitus goes down.  It works for me.  Have you tried it?

And if you live in Ireland, you may be able to get onto a Tinnitus Study which starts this September and runs for two years.  The company’s name is Restored Hearing, see the article below.






So much going on, do your eyes find a focal point? Hearing-aids have to do that. (CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012)

Want a lump of concrete in your ear?  That was twenty years ago.

Twitch your jaw around to ease the pressure?  Ask for the escape route.  Not from the room, an airhole in the hearing mould!  It was the dentist who diagnosed that for me.

Moulds that framed the inside of the ear work and mean the skin can breathe.

If you’re mild to moderate, it’s now mushroom shape or tulip dependent on your hearing.

One aid or two?    If it’s like walking with two feet, I’ve been twenty years on the hop!  Is it fashion? How many studies have been done to show two are necessary?  Not many.  At first I thought it was dreamt up by the industry but I grudgingly acknowledge  it’s about speed of transmission to the opposite side of the head.  If you have binaural hearing loss (both ears) then you need the same help in both ears.

It’s also about balance.  The body’s balance organs are in the ears. One or two?  I went to two because colleagues said at work that I wasn’t hearing them well enough.  Since they were also hearing-assisted, I gave in.

Seeing the aids?  Easier for women as you can hide them with your hair.    But guys, please, since when does anyone talk to the side of your head?!     If they’re looking face-on hearing-aids will not be seen, so just be cool, you look great, you can hear.  Have a great day!

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Can’t Hear Your Own Voice?


Everyone has days where hearing is great.  Sometimes it drops slightly with a head cold.  Think of that slight drop and know that is permanently like that for some people.

What happens when your own voice sounds weird?  When you have ordinary hearing, you dismiss it.  When you have a hearing issue*, you think you have mispronounced the word.

Can’t Hear Your Own Voice?

Apart from managing hearing, I have not heard of a definite way to stop hearing loss.  No need to worry as it usually takes years.

One solution is to try to keep what you have now.  To make an audio dictionary, we want actors who speak words accurately.  Naturally we need one from every country and language on the planet.  Later we can do regional variations except we need an American and a British actor straight off as the vocabulary is different. You might say the same for Brazilian and Portuguese.  Your call.

Wanted: Speakers not Squeakers. 

Hearing loss happens frequently amongst the high notes.  Having said that, most actors and actresses can change the pitch of their voices.  Choose a man or a woman.

Which actor/actress speaks your language the best?

We will choose the top three and make in a poll for hearing-aid users.  They are also experts in language.

*Hearing only has to drop a tiny amount for you to mis-hear the beginning or end of words.

Please do this.  You will make a difference to someone’s life.