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Tinnitus – My Friend Thinks She Has A Hearing Loss



I saw a friend who has been given a hearing-aid to help her figure out what people are saying.


The trouble is that her tinnitus is loud.  For the unitiated, think of a loud noise that is always present.  When you talk to someone, you are hearing above it.


A Hearing-aid Audiologist told me that the way people talk about tinnitus matters.  If you have trouble understanding beginning, end or middle of words, you will think you have a hearing loss.  But it’s not; it’s the tinnitus interfering with your natural ability to hear.


Her solution is wrong.  She should have been given tinnitus hearing-aids.  Bear with me; they’re not the same.  They emit a noise which is the same as your tinnitus and at the same level.  Obviously you are the only one who knows what you hear so you have to be instrumental in helping to identify it.


The tinnitus hearing-aids are set at the current volume of your tinnitus.  Over three to six months they are gradually turned down.  The idea is that the brain becomes accustomed to hearing at a lower volume and will readjust itself.  Eventually the tinnitus will disappear.  Throughout the process, you will have the hearing you’ve always had and if it goes, you will find that you don’t have a hearing loss at all. This is for tinnitus with a sound-related cause.
The concept is new, that is 2 years old here in the UK.


I’ve suggested my friend go back to the hospital and take her husband.  He’s had hearing issues for 20 years and is


The root cause of my tinnitus....

The root cause of my tinnitus…. (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)


another reason why she thought she had hearing loss.


Either the concept hasn’t reached UK Audiologists or more likely they are evaluating the idea.  Any Audiologists out there with a point of view?  I’m convinced that the more we talk about tinnitus, the more we learn.  Actually, that’s true of life.  Comments welcome.



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